2017 – What’s New and What’s Next??

2017 – What’s New and What’s Next??

2017 has come and gone and we are still reeling from the challenges and blessings that the year gave us. For starters, I almost lost my blog completely because of some issue trying to download WordPress on my desktop. Currently I’m using my cell phone because it’s already downloaded on here and I don’t have to worry about anything messing up. But that’s just the icing on the 2018 cake.

We survived another Disney World trip to celebrate our 6th anniversary at the end of November! It was such a fun trip this time too, with Maddie being almost 2. The only downside to the trip was that Maddie caught Hand, Foot and Mouth the last few days we were there. Other than that, our 10 day stay at Port Orleans Riverside was amazing. For being a moderate resort, it’s definitely up there with the deluxe resorts, in our opinion. I’ll write more about that soon.

After getting over Hand, Foot and Mouth, Maddie caught the flu from Ken just days after Christmas. It was a rough week, but thankfully we caught it in time to administer Tamiflu, and she was back to her normal self in less than a week. My dad also caught the flu, but from Maddie. So I was taking care of my husband, my daughter and my father. It’s been a bit hectic here in the Fountain Home.

The holidays were wonderful though and we enjoyed our time with family and with each other. This was the first year that Maddie kinda understood Santa Claus, so that was fun for me.

2017 was a crazy year. Three of my friends were pregnant and two of them delivered during 2017. One of the babies was born at 24 weeks and has had his share of setbacks, but we are hoping that he is on the right track to start getting stronger. He is one of Maddie’s future boyfriends after all! (Just kidding…kind of!)

2017 also has health problems, more specifically my brother’s battle with cancer. He is one of the strongest men I know. He continues to fight in this new year, so pray for him when you get a chance. His name is John.

My dad was also in and out of doctors’ offices in 2017, but is currently doing well. Again, 2017 was crazy.

So that brings me to 2018. What’s next for the Fountain Family??

Well, for starters, my oldest niece Amber will be welcoming her first child into the world! Yes, at the age of 30, I will be a Great Aunt for the first time. This coming week, her and her husband will find out what the gender is, so I’ll definitely be writing about that in the near future.

Also, starting Monday, I will be starting a new workout program called 80 Day Obsession. I’m actually in a coach test group with the creator of the program, Autumn Calabrese. I’ve done a program with her in the past and had great success with it. The main reason I’m choosing to do this program is because Ken and I want to have more children. I still haven’t lost “Baby weight” from having Maddie. And she’ll be 2 in February. To me, this is just unacceptable. I’m done being stagnant and I know that I will see great results with this program. Please ask me if you have questions about it! I will be documenting my journey on my blog starting Monday, so stay tuned on that!

Part of me is toying with another Disney World trip this year, but I also want to eliminate debt, not add more. So I will be focusing on getting out of credit card and loan debt this year. It’ll take a few years probably but once we get there, it will be wonderful.

Also, Ken is starting a new career this month. He is currently going to school to learn how to drive a semi. I know, crazy, but it’s something he has thought about for years and finally decided it was time. I’ll probably write a lot about that in the coming weeks.

Other than all that, my biggest goals consist of potty training and binky breaking! Maddie will be 2 in February 18th and I know I need to get working on all that. It’s going to be a lot of work, and I will probably have to actually schedule my time, especially with my fitness program, but when it’s all said and done, I think 2018 is going to be one amazing year.

In the next day or so, I’ll post a whole update about our Disney Trip and share pictures from our adventure! This trip was so different from our trip in January of 2017. I’ll share the differences between taking a 10 month old versus taking a 21 month old. It was surprising to me!!

Sorry this post was more of a brain dump than normal, but I’m still recovering from this last month or so. I promise this will get better!!

What’s New and What’s Next?

What’s New and What’s Next?

I know I’ve been very MIA lately. Life got in the way. We got through all my dad’s appointments and procedures, and then Maddie got a virus, and then we had to get ready for our annual July 4th grill out. So life has been fairly hectic lately. But I promise, this is going to become a lot more regular these next few weeks for sure.

How can I promise that? Well, I have a few things coming up that I’m definitely wanting to document my journey. The first thing is, starting Monday, Kenneth and I are going to start up the 21 Day Fix again. I know, I’ve said it before. Thankfully a weight loss journey is just that, a journey. Journeys are filled with ups and downs, and there are times when life gets you down and you can’t get the motivation. That’s usually what happens to me. But I’m the heaviest weight I’ve ever been (aside from when I was pregnant with Maddie) and I know I hate it. I have clothes in my closet that I absolutely love, but can’t fit into. And if that’s not motivation enough, we are right around the anniversary of my mom passing away. And now that we have Maddie, I relate my experience to my current life. I HAVE to be here for Maddie. I don’t want to leave her behind early like my mom did to us. I know my mom didn’t WANT to leave, but her health was poor and she couldn’t fight it off. I don’t want to be like that with Maddie, or any other child God may eventually bless us with. Anytime I think about that, I bawl my eyes out. It seriously gives me anxiety to think about it. So the only thing I can do to help prevent it, is to better myself and get healthy FOR Maddie. My goal is to lose at least 10-15 pounds before August 9th.

Why August 9th??? Well, you see…that HAPPENS to be my birthday. And this year is a big year. I’ll be turning the big 3-0. Now, before you all think that my age really bothers me, it really doesn’t. I don’t know if it’s because my parents were older when they had me, but I have no problem getting older. I know other women specifically that won’t even admit their age. I’m totally okay with telling people that I’m going to be 30 here soon. Nothing for me to be ashamed of!

So I want to be healthier by my 30th birthday. I’ll be documenting my entire journey on here. Starting on July 10th, that will be 30 days before I turn 30. And that’s what my posts will be about. I’ll be showing you what I’ve been eating and what I’ve been doing workout-wise. I’m also challenging myself to do something new every day for 30 days. One thing at least a day that is new and out of my comfort zone. I’m excited to start this next level of my life and want to end my 20’s with a bang.

I’ll be doing several different 30 day challenges (for example: I found one to help declutter your home in 30 days). And I’ll document all of this for all of you. I am so excited and looking forward to doing this! Again, this is going to start on July 10th, which is Monday!

The next few days leading up to this, I’ll post a few blogs dealing with things that have been on my mind here lately. Mostly parent stuff, but a few personal posts as well. So make sure you check back here every day and see what I’ve got going on!

What She Needs to See From Me.

What She Needs to See From Me.

I noticed it one day. 

My husband and I were in our bathroom brushing our teeth. Maddie was watching us. No big deal, right? Well, she found her toothbrush and started imitating us. She saw he doing it and did exactly what we did. And she had just turned a year old.

In that moment, I realized that everything I do, she’s watching. Every move I make, every step I take, she sees all of it. She sees how I react to things, what I eat, what I drink. She is literally with me 24/7. I’m the one she looks to when she is trying to figure out how to respond. No pressure, right?

As thrilled as I am that she likes to brush her teeth like us, there are other aspects of my life that I need her to see, and see me at my best. 

  1. I need her to see me pray. I’ll admit, I don’t pray as much as I should and I typically don’t pray out loud. But it’s so important for her to see that I pray to God and that praying is part of that relationship with God. I also want her to know that I believe prayer can change things, and if she doesn’t see me pray, it’ll be hard for me to get her to understand the importance.
  2. I need her to see me reading my Bible. Again, something I don’t do nearly enough. But I want her to know that the Bible is what God gave us as a type of instruction manual to get us through life here on earth. Answers to questions she may have in life, she can find in God’s word. I want her to see me read my Bible. I want her to find it normal to just pick up her Bible and read it whenever she wants, like any other book.
  3. I need her to see me be a Godly wife to her father. A lot of the way I act as a wife and mother, I got from my mom. I saw how she treated my dad and how she was with us kids and that’s how I act. I need her to see me respect her father and to even show affection to her father. She doesn’t need to see me be petty or irrational toward him, which I know I am prone to doing. We need to show her how we pray as a family, how we respect each other, and how we love each other.
  4. I need her to see me be brave. I’m a wimp. I’ll be the first to admit that. I’m terrfied of heights, spiders, thunderstorms and clowns to name just a few. But if she sees me scared, she’ll be scared too. Even if I have to put on an Emmy award winning performance, I need her to see me as brave and confident. That was, she is more brave and if she is afraid of something, she knows that she can come to me and I will take care of it.
  5. I need her to see me work on myself. I’ve never been comfortable with my body and there are more times than not that I’m downing myself one way or another. But because of that, I need to try to better myself every day and let her see that. I don’t want her to have an out of shape mom. I want to be healthy for her and I want her to see me do it. I need to eat healthier, let her try what I eat. I don’t want her to be afraid to try new foods. That goes back to the last point.
  6. I need her to see me be me. No apologies, no excuses. I want her to know that God made her the way she is and that other people and their opinions of her don’t matter. I fought this my whole life, always worried about what people thought about me and how I looked. As you get older, you realize that those same people had a rough way to go and decided to pick on someone else because of their own unhappiness. I don’t want her to even apologize for being Maddie. She is beautiful, funny, sensitive, sweet and smart as can be. I hope she always knows that. I hope I can always show her that.
  7. I need her to see me strive to be like Jesus Christ. Big shoes to fill, right? And I will continue to fall short, but I can try my hardest to treat people like Jesus would. Bring the phrase “what would Jesus do” to life.

My Fitness Journey Begins

My Fitness Journey Begins

Our body is a temple, and it should be treated as such. 

As an adult, my lowest weight was 133 pounds after I graduated high school. I’m all of 5 feet, 3 inches tall, so my weight has no where to go. After my mom passed away, I ate out more often and my weight went up. I had gotten that under control and actually had gotten my weight down to 139, but then I got lazy. And then I got pregnant a year later. 

At my heaviest during pregnancy, I weighed 207. That was a week before I delivered. After we came home, I lost a lot of water, and some weight, but only got down to 170. I still have a ways to go before I even get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 155.

That is why I am a part of a coaches challenge group on Facebook. Two years ago this coming June, I started my fitness journey with Beachbody and haven’t looked back. I’ve had successes and setbacks, but I love everything about it. The program that I saw the most success with is called the 21 Day Fix. With that program, I lost 8 pounds and a decent amount of inches. My husband lost 16 pounds during the 21 day period. It’s an amazing program! It has workouts for every day of the week and an easy to follow meal plan filled with healthy foods. 

So that is what I’m going to be starting, along with getting back on Shakeology, my superfood nutrition. I’m a picky eater and Shakeology helps me make sure I’m getting all the nutrients I need in my day. Plus, when I’m on Shakeology, I feel healthier, more awake, and I’m less likely to eat junk, namely sweets. Also, I rarely get sick when I’m drinking my shake everyday.

So starting Friday, I will be writing once a day on here, along with other random posts, but I will be documenting my journey through this challenge group and share my results and successes at the end!!

God gave me this body and I have to start treating it better. Plus, I want to be healthy and happy for my baby girl. This is important and I have to stick with it.

If anyone wants to join me, please email me at rachelfountain@oneblessedlife.com and I can give you some info on what I’m doing exactly and how to get started!!