Another Update on Dad

I do realize it’s 2am.

I am currently at my dad’s. He had his colonoscopy today to see if they could find the cause of his low iron from his blood work.

They ended up removing two small polyps and they want him to eat more fiber. Definitely good news in the grand scheme of things. He is beyond relieved to hear that they didn’t find anything really wrong.

We are very pleased with what they found, or didn’t find in this case. He has to call in 7 days to find out the results of the biopsy on his polyps. They don’t seem concerned, so I’m not concerned.

So why am I at his house in the middle of the night? 

He has to have someone with him for the first twelve hours after his procedure. My brother that lives here with dad is at work tonight. So me and Maddie are here at dad’s until around three. Three is a time I feel safe heading home.

So will removing the polyps fix his low iron? Possibly. When I look up “reasons for low iron”, polyps is listed. Those two little polyps could have been causing his low iron, but it also could have caused his issue where his chest tightens when he over exerts himself. Only time will tell.

He will go back to his cardiologist on Wednesday to follow up on his angiogram and see if he wants to change up his medicine. If he is still having chest tightness, that will probably be the route he goes.

But for tonight (and today), we will celebrate this victory. 

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