Good News on Dad!!!

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my dad in the last few weeks! You are all amazing and I appreciate all of you.

We got to the hospital this morning, and after a little bit of a delay (Doctor had an emergency and that delayed the guy ahead of dad), Dad’s angiogram started at 2:30pm and he was done before 3pm. (Side note: we had to be here at 9:45am and his angiogram was supposed to start at 11:45am, just for a point of reference.)

Once we got to see him after his procedure, we were told the good news. His heart looks great. The arteries that were part of the initial by-pass are still going strong and everything else looked good. So no stents needed to be put in. Doctor Broderick did say that he thinks the problem is being caused by the two arteries behind the heart that were not touched during the by-pass. When he exerts himself, the blood rushes through the arteries and if it has issues getting through, it will try to find the path of least resistance and that’s what causes his symptoms. The only thing he mentioned that they could do is either change up his medication or up some of the dosages of the current medicine, or just leave it the same. And he left that choice up to Dad. Dad decided to just stay on the current medication and dosages for now. We go back to Broderick next month for a follow-up and we’ll see if we need to re-evaluate the medicines.

But for now, we will be grateful and thank God for watching over my dad. We are all so happy that he didn’t need any stents and he will be able to go home tonight. He has to take it easy for about a week. Limited walking for the first 24 hours, and then he can move around more and drive. He can’t lift anything over 15 pounds for about a week, but that is it.

So again, thank you all for all the prayers and well wishes. We are very blessed to have good news today.

The next step will be getting through his colonoscopy next month to find out why his iron could be low. But for today, we will celebrate this good news!

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