Tomorrow is the Day

Sorry for the lack of updates, but this last week has been a bit hectic.

Tomorrow is the day (Monday the 22nd) and I will be taking my dad down to Christ Hospital for his angiogram. That’s been interesting too.

He had to get blood work done before last Wednesday for the cardiologist, so he went to the hospital that our family doctor is out of and had them run the blood work. He ended up getting a call from his family doctor’s office, saying that it showed that he had low iron and that his doctor wanted to have a conference with him. I told him I would go with him to that appointment too, but he said he could do it.

He goes and Doctor Weber tells him that he believes Dad had a “leak” somewhere. In other words, my dad has an internal bleed somewhere. So Weber referred my dad to get a colonoscopy to find out what the problem is. So he scheduled a meeting with that doctor fo June 6th. But with that problem, I wanted to make sure he shouldn’t do the colonoscopy before the angiogram. In the end, I guess the cardiologist decided the angiogram needed to go first.

So that brings us back to tomorrow (22nd). I will be driving dad down tomorrow morning and will wait for them to perform the angiogram along with one of my brothers and his wife, who is a nurse. The angiogram is at 11:45am. If they find that he needs a stent, he will stay overnight and someone has to stay with him. I will be staying at the hospital most of tomorrow until my sister gets there and she will take over tomorrow night and into the next morning. He has to have someone with him for 24 hours straight. I will then come back the following morning to relieve Laurie for a couple hours so she can get to an appointment she has. 

But this is all just a maybe. If they don’t find anything, no stent and he’ll get to go home tomorrow. Obviously that’s the main hope. I hope there is nothing wrong at all. But I’m also realistic. It’s very possible he has some sort of blockage that needs to be addressed.

So pray for him. Pray that he will stay strong through the angiogram and any subsequent procedure that may follow. Pray that he keeps his spirit up and goes into it calm and ready. Pray that the cardiologist and his team can distinctly tell if there is an issue or not and pray that they have the wisdom and knowledge to fix any problem they find. Pray for us kids, that we stay strong and help dad out in any way we can. Pray that I can stay strong while we wait for his procedure to end. Pray that nothing is wrong or that it is an easy fix.

When he went to his family doctor about his iron problem, he said yet again that he wants to live long enough to see Maddie graduate high school, if not college. Breaks my heart to think that he may not see it. She loves him so much and he loves her too. 

But like I’ve said to him this week, let’s see what they say after the procedure. I’m hoping for the best, preparing for the worst, and giving it to God. Sometimes that’s all you can do.

I’ll update tomorrow as we find out what is going on! Thank you everyone who has and will be praying for my daddy. I love all of you and appreciate you more than you know.

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