Update on my Dad and Prayer Requests

So we went to my dad’s cardiologist appointment this morning. I absolutely love his cardiologist. Doctor Broderick is very calming and is overall a nice guy. 

Dad explained to him what his symptoms were and even told him that they were the same feeling as the ones he had before he had his by-pass five years ago. Doctor Broderick asked his quite a few questions, like the frequency of the symptoms and how long they would last when he would feel them. Dad honestly answered and told him that it didn’t happen all the time, just about every other to every third time. And when he would get them, they would end almost as quickly as it began.

Based on his symptoms, Broderick said that my dad is having some angina. I kinda thought he would say that, especially after I saw a sign in the waiting room that talked about angina and it sounded very similar to what dad had. For the short term, they prescribed dad a medicine called Isosorbide Mononitrate. It is similar to nitro pills but he will take this every morning and it will help him feel a little more comfortable. 

But Broderick also suggested that he have an angiogram done. He believes that there is some sort of blockage in there, but he’s not sure how severe it is. The angiogram will help him figure out what path to go next. If it’s not too bad, they can probably just put in a few stents and he’ll be okay. Obviously that is what the best option is, aside from them finding nothing wrong. But it’s also very possible that he could end up with another by-pass. We hope that’s not the case, but the possibility is there.

So we’ll see where the 22nd leads us. If he ends up getting a stent, he’ll stay overnight at the hospital and come home the next day, the 23rd.

So pray for my dad. I know he’s nervous. He keeps saying that he hopes they find nothing wrong. It’s possible, but not horribly likely. Pray for his cardiologist, that he finds what is causing dad’s problem and can fix it easily. Pray for a quick recovery from whatever they decide to do. Pray for us siblings and the rest of his family, that we can stay strong for dad and help him get through this bump in the road. 

He told me again today that he just wants to be around to see Maddie grow up. Breaks my heart to hear him sound like that. Pray that he can get through this easily and continue to watch his baby granddaughter get bigger. 

And thank you to everyone who prayed for him today. I feel like it went very well and I can only pray that the rest of this goes just as smoothly. I’ll continue to keep all of you updated as well!

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